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Privacy Policy

Personal information:
In order to process your order, the Beulah Media Ministry Store needs to collect certain information about you, such as your name, address, and telephone number. This information is stored in our database to make future purchase easier, reducing the need to provide the same information again.
The Beulah Media Ministry eStore promises not to share this information with anyone else.
Credit card number:
The Beulah Media Ministry Store requires you to provide your credit card number to process your order. Please note that your credit card number is removed from our database after successfully processing your order.
In order to use the Beulah Media Ministry Store, your web browser must be configured to allow the creation of cookies. Cookies are essentially a text filed stored on your PC. They allow the Beulah Media Ministry eStore to track what you have put in your shopping cart and note when you have visit our site.
Cookies cannot be used to retrieve any other information from your computer. The only information stored your your PC is a customer ID.